Automotive Service Details for Kennewick, WA

  • Engine Light Diagnostics
  • ABS Light Diagnostics
  • Traction Control Light Diagnostics
  • Service 4WD Light Diagnostics
  • Coolant Light Diagnostics
  • Air Bag / SRS Light Diagnostics

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Auto Repair Kennewick WA

If you’ve got a problem, any problem with your car we can fix it fast and get you back on the road. We do all types of auto repairs on all makes and models of vehicles. There is nothing too large or small. If it’s an auto repair situation we’ve got the answer.

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Mechanic and Maintenance Services

There are many local mechanic shops that can offer auto repair services in Kennewick WA. They generally offer the same things with minimal training. Our mechanics are factory certified and guaranteed to be the best Kennewick has to offer!

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Business Fleet Maintenance

If you’ve got a company that need automobile repair services or maintenance look no further! So many businesses rely on their vehicles to run perfectly in order to prove their services or products. We are aware of time sensitive repairs. Let us get you back on the road.

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Meet your local Kennewick Mechanic

As owner, operator, and as an ASE Master Auto Technician, Nathan Goetsch has the desire and qualifications to oversee the performance of Platinum Automotive. “I’ve been doing this so long I’m pretty sure I’ve seen everything”, says Nate. He’s worked with all types of cars and has a deep understanding of the core principles of mechanics.

With decades of automotive repair experience and service you’ll leave knowing you made the right “pit stop” for your car fixes in Kennewick. Stop by and let Nate personally make sure you have a wonderful automotive experience at his local Kennewick automotive repair shop.

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Diesel Repair Kennewick, WA

Diesel engines are different than gas powered engines. While we certainly do small engine repairs in Kennewick, WA we really love our large diesel power work! Our Kennewick shop will do everything from routine oil changes to transmission repairs and even full engine repairs or rebuilds on diesel rigs. We understand the mechanics, diesel vehicle electrical systems, diesel engines and how all those working parts come together. We can diagnose computer engine issues as well. Diesel work is hard work, and we’re the hardest working mechanics in Kennewick. We’re trying to work as hard for you as your diesel engines do!

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Auto Repair Kennewick

It’s really important to have a car that runs properly. Our families rely on transportation more then we stop to think about. If we can’t get to work, practices, stores, etc. our lives get so much more complicated. Rather than get stranded on the road from a small engine component not working; we can get regular car maintenance. Pay careful attention to the sounds your car is making like knocks, squeals, barks or whatever! Those sounds can be indicators of misalignment or other automotive issues. Kennewick is a bit spread out and we often travel move miles than we realize. Traveling in your car from one end of Kennewick to the other can be 20 miles in some cases. We want to make sure you get all the way there.

We are equipped to handle any automotive fix in the book, and believe us, we have seen it all! Our Kennewick Auto Repair service is also award winning and we guarantee our work. We are not a basic auto repair shop. We have such a different perspective that is hard to describe. Our focus on specific engine problems and our dedication to making things run perfectly really sets us apart. We quite literally have the best car mechanics and we are driven to be the very best and most dependable auto mechanics in Kennewick, WA.

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Auto Repair Service for Your Automobile

When it comes to an auto repair service in Kennewick WA there’s plenty of places to choose from. We believe that an investment in your car is a good monetary investment. Cars can last for years and thousands of miles if taken care of properly. Our goal is to keep you on the road for as long as you want to be. Your car can get old, but it doesn’t have to drive old. Small engine repairs can stay small if you get your car looked at right away. Avoid the large build up of automotive repairs by fixing things as they come along. Stop by for a complimentary check up today!

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Transmission Service & Repair

The transmission is a device that is associated with the back of the engine and sends the force from the engine to the drive wheels. An automobile engine runs at its best at a specific RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) range and it is the transmission’s business to ensure that the force is conveyed to the wheels while keeping the engine inside that extend. It does this through different apparatus combinations.

In first gear, the engine turns a lot quicker comparable to the drive wheels, while in high rigging the engine is loafing despite the fact that the vehicle might be going more than 70 MPH. Notwithstanding the different forward riggings, a transmission likewise has a nonpartisan position which detaches the engine from the drive wheels, and invert, which causes the drive wheels to turn the other way permitting you to back up.

Our Transmission and Drivetrain Services in Kennewick, WA is prepared to help analyze and fix a wide range of transmission and drivetrain problems.

  • Automatic Transmission Repair
  • Manual Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Replacement
  • Transmission Maintenance
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Custom Built Transmission
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