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Computer Diagnostics in Kennewick

What Does Your Vehicle Computer Do?

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the main computer component in your vehicle. It relies on sensors throughout your vehicle to communicate data about emissions, fuel efficiency, oxygen levels, temperatures and many more factors. It aggregates this data and makes the necessary adjustments in your engines fuel injectors and timing for optimal performance.

Working together to communicate to the ECU are many other component computers for individual areas of your vehicle such as anti-lock braking system on a multi-layered circuit board in the computer case.

Diagnosing issues with your vehicle can be done with computer diagnostics, analyzing the data in your vehicle's computers. Our team of specialists is trained to identify the issues in the data and make the necessary repairs to get you back on the road safely.

Service Details

When the check engine light of your vehicle is on, this is undoubtedly a sign that something's not right with one or more of your vehicle's systems. These systems are vital to your vehicle's operation, so they have to be in the best condition for it to run correctly.

If you want to know why your check engine light illuminates, visit our auto repair shop, where our team of certified technicians will connect a scanning tool to your vehicle's onboard computer system. This same onboard computer system will communicate with the scan tool through special codes, which our technicians will read to trace the problem.

In most cases, our technicians must go through a highly complex diagnostic flowchart procedure to track down the problem and determine why it happened in the first place. They have to do that so that they could repair your check engine light properly and prevent any serious problems in the future.

Schedule an appointment with our certified technicians, whenever your vehicle's check engine light is on. Our auto repair shop has the necessary experience and exceptional computer diagnostics tools to diagnose and repair check engine lights on almost every vehicle make and model!

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