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Suspension & Brakes

What Does Your Vehicles Suspension And Braking System Do?

Your suspension and braking system work together to move your forward or backward on the road while giving you a smooth ride.

The suspension is the key part in delivering stable steering and handling of your car, keeping your tires on the ground, and absorbing energy from bumps in the road to give you comfort while driving.

Your braking system is used to control your speed and stop the vehicle. It is controlled by front and rear brakes connected together to the master cylinder by a network of hoses and tubes. Hydraulic oil (brake fluid) is pushed through these tubes to the brakes with a consistent pressure to perform the braking action.

Keeping all the components of your suspension and braking system maintained is essential for a safe and comfortable ride. Bring your vehicle in for routine inspection to detect any issues early.

Service Details

  • Shocks & Struts Repair
  • Chassis & Suspension Repair
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Brake Pad & Brake Rotor Replacement
  • Brake Hydraulics
  • Master Cylinder Replacement
  • Brake Booster Replacement
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